39 Weeks

This is a picture of me at 39 weeks. I am 40 weeks tomorrow.
Big belly. Even bigger booty.
I feel done. I had a few contractions on Saturday night, but nothing close enough together to make me think about going to the hospital.  At my 39 week appointment last week they informed me I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced. Which means: absolutely nothing. Tomorrow is the big D-Day. I was 3 days after my due date with Mia and I don't see this baby coming any sooner than that. My favorite midwife is actually out of town until March 2nd, so I don't mind waiting until then. I do mind people asking "if the baby is here yet" though. I may become a pants less shut in until the baby arrives. I have my 40 week appointment tomorrow and I will try to fill you in on any updates.

Also, I am curious if anyone actually has their baby naturally on the actual due date? I know that it does happen I just am wondering how common it is.

Photo taken by Sarah Cory Photography


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