Our Adventure Part I

I kind of hate it when people refer to something mundane as an adventure. I am hoping that a *nearly* cross country road trip with a 1 and 4 year old sounds adventurous.  We are driving from Northern California to Ann Arbor, MI and back home. With lots of stops a long the way. So I am going to fill you in on our first couple of days of our trip.

On our first day we drove to Reno. It was a long day and we found out Jack gets car sick. We drove quite possibly the most windy highway in America, so I feel like if you were going to get car sick that would be the stretch that it would happen.  He threw up twice. So far that is the only time he has gotten sick.

We made it to our hotel in Reno by dinner time.

I got an awesome Groupon deal on a hotel there. It was my first time doing a hotel through Groupon, so I was nervous that I wouldn't actually have a reserved room when we arrived. When we got to the registration counter that sweet lady behind the desk said "Okay, it looks like you get a free upgrade." I thought "Cool, but what does that mean?" We grabbed one of those luggage trolly things (technical term) and headed for the elevator. As we were waiting for the elevator some man came up and asked where we got the trolly. My husband was like "I grabbed it by the desk." Well, apparently you are supposed to have a bellman take your luggage to your room.
Anyway, we declined and just took our bags and carried them and two small children. We got to our floor and our room number wasn't listed on the directions, but there was something called a "Spa Tower". I thought well our room number does start with Spa, so maybe that is where we go. We walked down the hallway and then entered some doors to the "Spa Tower". The carpeting was way nicer in this hallway. We were at the very end. I opened the door to discover that we had gotten an upgrade all right. The drapes were on a remote and the t.v. came out of the end of the bed.

It was exciting, except that we had reserved a room with two beds and this one only had one. We decided to use the couch cushions to make an extra bed on the floor. Which worked out perfectly. We ate some pizza for dinner and went to the rooftop pool. The kids loved it. Then we went back to the room for a little jacuzzi action.

 After I got them ready for bed I filled it up the rest of the way for myself (no pictures).  We got a restful nights sleep and got up in the morning to enjoy the breakfast buffet. It was surprisingly smoke free. I was a little worried about eating at one of the casino restaurants, but they do a great job of keeping the smoke out of that area.
 Jack and Mia enjoyed the big bed and some cartoons while we packed our bags to check out.

Mia only gets to watch very limited t.v. and I hadn't ever let Jack watch t.v. before. They were both pretty excited, until Jack got bored and moved on.

We checked out and headed for Salt Lake City. More on that later.


  1. Aw, so fun! The picture of the kids in the back seat is adorable. I thought, how cute that Jack is riding naked, then read the part about him getting car sick. That makes sense! Poor little buddy!


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