27 by Twenty-Seven Comes To An End

Well, I did not accomplish everything on my 27 by Twenty-Seven. I did all, but 8 of them. I thought I would fill you in on each one:

  1. Do something I have never done before in my hometown   - I tried a new restaurant. That is always something fun to do.
  2. Do something that scares me - I did a lot of things that scared me. Biggest of all I flew to Michigan with a 21 month old. That was one of the scariest things I have ever done. However, I didn't need to worry about it. She did amazing and I was so glad.
    Us at SFO
  3. Replace one average item I use everyday with something that is interesting and I love - This is going to sound silly, but  I make my own laundry detergent. I do not love my home made detergent and I treated myself to some Tide. It has been amazing and I am embarrassed to say I LOVE IT!
  4. Read a book from a religion that differs from my own - I read a book about attending a church service for pretty much any religion you could think of. It was interesting and also inaccurate. 
  5. Let go of 3 grudges - With the intention of letting go of grudges I will not go into what they were.
  6. Plant a garden - Somehow I have failed at his. I am not sure why. It will happen eventually.
  7. Finish a quiet book for Mia- I have actually worked really hard at this and I am so close, but I did not finish it in time.
  8. Go offline for 3 days - Another thing I am not sure why I didn't do it. It wouldn't have been any problem.
  9. Try 5 new recipes - I am constantly trying new recipes here are a few I did Dijon Radish Potato SaladLettuce WrapsHomemade BagelsChocolate Pudding Hand Pies, and Churro Waffles
  10. Make cloud dough with Mia - This was a fun project. I would definitely do it again.
  11. Give something broken a new life - I repaired an old pair of pants with a rip in them.
  12. Get rid of 15 things from my closet -This was far too easy. I really need to get rid of more.
  13. Buy or pick flowers for no reason - My roses are quite beautiful this year and I have really been enjoying them.
    Eating breakfast next to my roses
  14. Have my girlfriends over for a meal- Something else I wish I had done and just didn't
  15. Write 5 thank you notes, just because. -When I was in beauty school we gave each other what we called "Love Notes" just a little note to say thank you and let a person know they are appreciated. I try to still do this with some frequency, but I forget. It was a good reminder to thank the people that help me.
  16. Say yes to one thing I would usually say no to -I am really kind of bad about having to plan everything out a week in advance. Usually if someone texts me or calls me to do something that day or evening I say no just because I am haven't had a chance to totally plan it out. I said yes every time this came up and you know what? I had fun and it wasn't a problem.
  17. Exercise at least 5 days a week - I didn't workout 5 days a week every week, but I worked out more days each month than I didn't. So, I chose to call that a win.
  18. Monthly date night - We totally failed at this. This is my new goal though. We really need to work on it.
  19. Make a Honeymoon photo album- I made this album on Wallgreens.com and never had it printed.
  20. Find a recipe for squash that I actually enjoy- Yuck, can't seem to do it.
  21. Sew a project just for me - I don't know when I thought I would find the time. Some day I will make myself something.
  22. Fix my pearl necklace- Still sitting in a jar on my dresser.
  23. Go on a picnic. With a basket, blanket, and plates. - Mia and I did this with some friends on a gorgeous day. It was just delightful. I want to do it more.
  24. Get chickens - You already know we did this. I love my chickens! I am so happy we got them. They are part of the reason a garden hasn't gone in though.
  25. Go to the farmers market and make a meal using only the items I purchase - I kind of changed this goal for me. We started getting a CSA box every week , so I made a meal using that instead.
  26. Let someone come over to my house even if it isn't clean (this could go under something that scares me) - I did this a lot and it only killed me a little bit. Some people are easier to have over to my messy house than others. However, I lived through it. I probably had like 5 different families come over while my house was messy.
  27. Watch the sunset - Here on the North Coast we have been having beautiful weather and we have been going on a family walk in the evenings a lot lately. I have been loving watching the sun go down. It is nice to take the time to see how much beauty there is in a simple day.


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