On my 27 by Twenty-Seven list I mentioned that I wanted to get chickens. Well, we did it. My husband built the coop. It still needs a final coat of paint, then I will post a picture of it. We got two chickens from a friend of my mom.
Mia eagerly waiting to go let the chickens out and feed them.
   I ask Mia daily what we should name them. She goes between "Chicken and Eggs" and "Chicken and Chicken", needless to say we have not sorted out which one gets which name.

    I am kind of in love. When people ask what I have been doing lately. I pretty much only say "We got chickens!" "Oh, and we went to Michigan, and we do a million other things every week, and... " Our chickens are my most exciting news for some reason. It is Mia's reason for getting up in the morning. She just wants to get out and let them out of the coop. It is pretty much the sweetest thing.


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