Easter Egg Skirt

 Sewing for little girls is seriously the most fun. I make my little Mia a lot of holiday clothes. That seems to be when I get the determination to finish a project or make one up. For Easter she already has an adorable little dress that my mom got her a while back. So, my plan wasn't to make her anything for Easter. When I came across this adorable Riley Blake fabric I planned to make myself a little purse/bag. Then I kept looking at it and thinking it looked kind of childish to be a purse for an adult. Then one night as I was laying in bed unable to sleep(story of my life) this little skirt came to life in my anxiety ridden mind. I just had to do it. My mom took Mia for a couple of hours this weekend and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It came to together easily and quickly without a little one to worry about waking up from a nap. You could obviously make this little skirt in other fabrics and make it less Easter-egg-ish. This fabric just screams Easter Egg.

Do you want to know how to make one for yourself? Too bad. I am going to show you anyway.

First I took a skirt that fits Mia already. I cut out one wide piece of fabric that was twice as wide as the skirt with 1/4 in seam allowance.

Then I cut from an alternate fabric 2 strips that were 7 inches long and 17 inches wider than my original skirt piece. These will be your ruffles so you want to give yourself lots of room to ruffle. If you are making this dress for a bigger girl you will want to give yourself even more room.

Then I ironed the long pieces in half with the wrong sides together.

Then I did a basting stitch along the top of each of my long pieces. Your fabric should be a little bit ruffled just from doing that, but then you take the bottom thread on each end and you pull until your fabric is good and ruffled to your liking. If you have a ruffle foot then this should be much easier for you. Then iron these flat.

Then I pinned my top ruffle down first. I sewed it on upside down so when I ironed it down you couldn't see my previous stitching.

Do this with your next two ruffles making sure that the ruffle above overlaps. Iron between each panel.

Then hem the bottom.

Then I took the skirt and folded it in half lining up the ruffles with their corresponding row and sewed it up.

Then I put in an elastic waistband on the top by folding down my fabric and sewing a straight stitch and then feeding an elastic band through.

This is a very simple skirt that looks so much harder than it actually is to make. Mia is going to have to wear it more than just around Easter. I am loving all the ruffles I am seeing on little girls clothes. I plan to make her a few more of these skirts in some different less holiday specific fabric.

If you decide to make one please share it with me. I would love to see it.

As always, if you have any question please leave a comment. I try to respond by e-mail to all comments.

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