Gratitude Wednesday

Feeling like it is time to make another list of what I am grateful for. When an election is coming up I feel like the internet is abuzz with negativity. So to bring a little happy to your day I thought I would make a list again.

1.My new found love for flavored balsamic vinegar. It is delicious. I just put a little in a dipping bowl with olive oil and it is amazing with bread.

2.Morning snuggles with the Lady.

3.Creamy strawberry lemonade popsicles. I made a few adjustments to the ingredients, but yummy.

4.Sleeping  in. The last 2 days that my husband has been off he got up with Lady so I could sleep in. Bliss.

5.Actually accomplishing a few things around my house. Like this and this, plus a few others.

6.Actually making it camping a few times this summer.

7.An amazing day with my father-in-law. I am so lucky to have such an amazing Grandpa for Lady.

8.A night out for a friends birthday. Although I am still making up for lost sleep on Saturday night it was great to get out with my friends and hang out.

9.Lady's new found attention span for books. It's still not very long, but at least she will sit for a little while.

10.My Mom's yard. On a sunny day with wind, her yard is the perfect sanctuary. It is warm and protected from the wind.

Now I am off to clean my house. Lady decided to take most of the books off the shelves...