Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, you are the ugliest of them all. Another item that was in the house when we moved in that I didn't like is this mirror.
 So, I decided to change it. I started out by taping off the mirror. A lot of mirrors can just be taken apart, but ours couldn't so I had to do the tedious work of taping it off.
 I used a gloss white.
 It took quite a few coats to cover that ghastly gold.

 Despite my taping I still ended up with a little bit of paint on the glass. It was easy to get off with a little nail polish remover. I also picked up a little 99cent paint scraper that worked wonders.
 I am very pleased with how it came out.
 I love how it shows all the detail.
It was such an easy project and now I am looking around my house for other projects to paint.


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