Bath Time's The Best Time

Preface: This is not a sponsored post. I am not that cool. I was invited to share a favorite motherhood moment by The Honest Company, but I am not being paid or provided any goods.

I give my kids a bath almost every night (actually Jake does most nights...). I don't do it because I think my kids are super dirty at the end of the day. I do it because I enjoy the routine of it. I love the smell of there clean hair and skin when we snuggle up post bath for bedtime stories.

When we brought Mia home I was nervous for her first bath. I set everything up, put basically a splash of water in the bathtub so she wouldn't drown, and placed her carefully in it.
  She hated it. She screamed and screamed. I was intimidated to say the least. We rushed through bath time after that. She eventually grew to enjoy it and would cry when we got her out.

So, when we brought Jack home I was a bit apprehensive to give him his first bath. His umbilical cord took a really long time to come off so it was a lot of sponge baths before the real thing. Then he LOVED it. He was so content to just sit in that warm tub and look around.

 Mia and Jack after bath (said like aftermath).

Fox enjoyed his first bath too.

I love the ritual of bath time. We finish dinner. Either Jake or I does the dishes and the other one gets the kids bathed. We are in that tricky stage where Fox is too young to take a bath with the older kids. They try to get into his bath sometimes, but we keep it so shallow that they freeze and complain. So, we do two separate baths most nights. One for Fox and one for Mia and Jack.
 Now, as much as I enjoy bath time I loathe the big splashing. I don't like my clothes and bathroom floor to be soaked. On the bright side my bathroom basically gets mopped every night. I think that bath time will be something I miss when my kids get bigger. Or I will love the fact that they can clean themselves and just be glad to have a solid hour of my evening back. Who knows.
Jack taking a leisurely bath alone at about 18 months. He used to love to lay down in the bathtub and kick off one end and push himself to the other end. It was pretty cute.

My favorite bath time products are Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash in Sweet Orange and Vanilla and Mustella Foam Shampoo for Newborns. I like the Honest Company soap because I can get it at Costco and they have natural ingredients. The Mustella I love because it works great for cradle cap and it is a foam so it doesn't run in my baby's eyes.

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