Seven Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Saint Nicholas Day! So fun for the kids. Jack is ridiculously excited about Christmas. You can see his response to the coins in his shoes here. He had the unfortunate discovery that it is only one day and that you can't put your shoes out every night and receive candy coins. The morning after the Feast of Saint Nicholas we were rushing to get dressed to take Mia to school. I was helping Jack get dressed and once we got to his shoes I asked him where the ones he set out the night before were. He decided to wear rain boots instead. Then Mia couldn't find her shoes either, so she opened the door to the living room, and lined up in front of the fire place were both of their shoes. Jack had put them both out. I just thought it was the sweetest thing that he thought to put hers out too.

--- 2 ---

Advent is upon us. We are loving lighting the candles and spending that time together.

--- 3 ---

I have been laughing at myself when I iron my kids clothes. I do it mostly to the boys shirts, but it seems ridiculous to iron the shirt of a 7 month old. I'm probably not going to stop, but I will tease myself in my head while I do it.

--- 4 ---

I know people often think after 2 kids you are out of hands to hold your kids, but the Morris babies prove that they can all fit on Mom's lap. I spend a lot of time with all 3 draped on me while we read. That is until Fox looses interest and crawls away.

--- 5 ---

We did family pictures for our Christmas card and ended it with a little ice cream date to fulfill our bribe and pay the kind photographer (my brother). We finally wised up and got Jack his ice cream in a bowl rather than a cone. Because 9 times out of 10 he knocks the ice cream scoop right out of his cone onto the ground. You can file that away under parenting hacks if you please.

--- 6 ---

This deserves its own take. I sprayed down Fox's hair to comb it for the pictures. He was so surprised by the spray, not upset, but obviously caught off guard. I had to take a picture of what looks like a bad comb over.

--- 7 ---

Seems fitting to finish this off with a picture of our decorated tree. I love Christmas and it is so amazing to experience it with little kids. They are such fun ages. Decorating a tree with them is not super relaxing and fun, but they loved doing it and I have even left the 15 ornaments crowded on certain branches. I am hoping that this earns me a place in heaven.

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