Life Lately


1) Mia is in school.
She loves it. I am so impressed with how much her reading has improved since school started. I couldn't read at 5 and I am blown away by her ability less than half way through the school year. She just finished up her first soccer season, which she did not love. She also recently closed out a season of musical theater. Musical Theater is one of her passions. Mia lives to perform. Singing and dancing? Yes! It is always a treat to watch her. This season was the first one I felt like she really GOT it. She knew all of the words, she sang loudly, and knew all of the dance moves. Now we are on a little extra-curriculars hiatus until January.

2)Jack is 2.5. Is there really much more to say. He has some great little phrases that he says all the time, My favorite probably being :
     Mia:I don't like it when you do that JACK!
     Jack: Sure you do!
 "Sure you do!" is his go to these days. Funny every time, even when it is directed at me. He is more angry than Mia was at 2, but he is also more snuggly. He loves to share his food, but not his toys. Since Mia is learning to read he likes to ask me questions like "What says 'cckkkk'?" The answer is E, if you were wondering. He also has a special connection to Saint Francis. I don't know what it is, but he draws pictures of "Francis" all the time and loves to see statues of him. Fortunately we have one in our backyard. I know that I may be alone in this, but I love two year olds.

3)Fox! I only introduced him in my last post. He is 7 months old (although I recently told someone he was 8 months #ThirdKidProblems). He is our smiliest baby yet. He is pretty good natured most of the time, but he definitely has fussy times too. He can crawl, stand up and cruise around on the furniture, he has his 2 bottom teeth and his two top teeth are trying to cut. He shows little interest in food. I try to give him different foods and he barely eats them. Jack was the same way. He is so loved by his big brother and sister. I love watching them all together.

4) Are we done having kids? I'm not sure. Someone recently asked me as I was getting into line at Costco "Are you done?" I thought she meant with shopping, which I was, so I responded, "I hope so!" Later I realized that was not what she was asking. I honestly don't know. I've wanted 4 kids for a long time, but pregnancy is REALLY hard on me. This last one was especially rough. I would love to have one more, but I'm not sure I can do another pregnancy.  Foster care and adoption are not my calling, so that is not an option. Only time will tell.

5)Life with 3 kids. My hardest transition was to 1 child. Two kids was a breeze. I felt great after I had Jack. Somehow adding a second was easier than having one baby. Three is hard, but still not as hard for me as just having Mia. Having 3 kids has its own set of challenges. This was also our shortest spacing. Fortunately Jack is potty trained and we were on our way to him being potty trained when we had Fox. So, we didn't have 2 in diapers for long. I thought that would be really hard and it really wasn't. It is actually harder when I am nursing Fox and Jack needs a wipe...

6) Mr.Morris has been working like crazy. He works at least 4 twelves a week at his regular job and has also taken on a second job one day a week that is his dream job. If you know him in real life you know that bow hunting and bows are his passion. He is working one day a week building bows with a local bowyer. He loves it. He says it doesn't even feel like work. He got a buck this year during hunting season.

7)Me? Well, I am running the home as usual. I spend a lot of time driving people where they need to be, nursing, cleaning, reading books to my kids, not getting enough sleep, cooking 3 meals a day, and breaking up fights. We are entering into Christmas and I have immersed myself in decorating and upholding our family traditions. My sister is coming for Christmas, so I am very excited about that. She is in Boston, so we don't get to see her much.

8) I feel like I can't really post without including that my Grandma passed away in September. I tried to write a blog post right after it happened. I wrote quite a bit, but I couldn't see through my tears to finish it. Maybe eventually I will have the strength to write it and be able to post it.  I miss her.

That seems like plenty for now. Enjoy your Monday. Sing us awayBangles.


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