Halloween and Thanksgiving

Oh my!

I am going to just do a quick post about both of these since they were so long ago now. This is really more for myself, so I can look back on them.

Halloween. We were pretty low key this year. Usually we go to a friend's party and trick or treat in her neighborhood, but this year we stayed home. We trick or treated a couple of blocks over from our house and came home to have pizza. It was perfect. The neighborhood we usually go to is so busy and over run with kids that it is really more of a business like event than leisure. This year people were so excited to see the kids because they don't get as many trick or treaters.
Mia was a witch, Jack was "Super Batman", Fox and I were mice.

Thanksgiving. Again low-key. My mom was in Boston with my sister, my dad moved away this year, my Grandma was in Virginia. So, we had my brother over and that was it. I made the meal with a little help from Mia. I really didn't take any pictures except for one of Mia slicing the yams. She was thrilled with such a high risk job. It was so nice to not have a bunch of people over. I didn't have to worry about how clean my house was or if I was wearing a cute outfit. It was perfectly laid back.

Can of Pledge by the cutting board because we fancy.


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