Our Adventure Part VI: Ann Arbor, MI

We got to my sister's, Hannah, house kind of late. The kids were tired of being in the car for so long, so they had a wrestling match with Jacob.

 Hannah graciously made us dinner and then took Mia to see a movie at a drive-in theatre. Jacob, Jack, and I hung out at her house. It was pretty nice to just hang out and do nothing. As it got darker I looked out the window and saw fireflies for the first time in my life. It was such a cool magical experience. Unfortunately, they were gone by the time Mia got home.

Off to bed we went. The next morning we woke up to a grey rainy day. The power went out right as I was trying to get in the shower. It didn't effect my shower, but it did effect Hannah's plans to make waffles. She ended up making us a lovely pancake feast instead.

Jack went down for a nap and Hannah, Mia, Hannah's roommate, and I went to the library and Costco. The children's library was super cool. Mia got to check out a bunch of books. We headed back to the house and ate lunch. We spent the rest of the day around the house since it was rainy and grey. We went to Culver's for dinner and frozen custard. I was really impressed by the customer service there. Midwest people are the nicest.

The next day was Sunday. Hannah made us fresh biscuits and her roommate made us strawberry-rhubarb preserves to put on top. Heaven!

After we got ready for the day Mia, hannah, and I went to one of her co-workers bridal showers. The house it was held in was a log cabin. Jacob and I dream of one day owning property and building a log cabin so that was pretty cool. I just wished that Jacob could have seen it too.

After the shower we went to a little park in Hannah's neighborhood.

That evening we went to Zingermans Roadhouse.
Hannah and I shared a pulled pork sandwich and some mac'n cheese and it was delicious. Everyone enjoyed their meal.

The next day Hannah went to work. We had to have AAA come and bring us a new car battery. Which was a bummer, but we were glad that was the only problem. Then we went to breakfast and ran some errands.

The evening we used Hannah's smoker and smoked the midwest equivalent to a tri-tip (apparently that's not a thing in the mid west…).  One of Hannah's friends came over for dinner. It was a friend she went to Stanford with, so it was cool to see her because I hadn't seen her in person since their graduation.

That night we got to see lots of fire flies and Mia even got to catch some in a mason jar. It was such a magical evening.

The next morning we packed up and headed out to Traverse City, MI.