Our Adventure Part IV: Mount Rushmore

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When I planned our drive days I tried to make sure we were driving 6 hours tops each day. That is really all the kids can handle. When I planned Yellowstone to Mount Rushmore I knew it would be one of our longer days, but I didn't take into account the 2 hours it would take us to drive across the park to get out, so we had a long donkey day.

We drove through the beautiful state of Wyoming and enjoyed just seeing that gorgeous state. We made stops to eat lunch and use the bathroom. As our day neared 11 hours in the car we decided to see if we could upgrade to a cabin instead of setting up our tent for ONE night.  Luck had it we got a cabin. So, we went and unloaded and took showers. Then we went to eat some dinner. When we headed back I stopped with the kids at the bathroom and Jacob headed to our cabin. When he got there there was boy cutting wood in front of our cabin. It turned out they had double booked our cabin. Don't know what happened to the other people. Our stuff was already in the cabin, so we go that one.

We went to sleep and then I woke up to the WORST storm I have ever been in. It was crazy thunder, lightening, and hail. I said a quick prayer of thanks that we were in a cabin and not our tent like originally planned. It stormed for almost the entire night. Every time I thought it was over it come back with vengeance. Funny enough it was a gorgeous morning when we got up in the morning, but the poor tent campers were drenched. One poor mans tent was literally in a puddle.

We packed up, ate some breakfast and checked out. We got $50 off our stay since they let someone into our cabin with all of our stuff in it.

Then we drove over to look at Mount Rushmore.

It was really, really underwhelming. I was glad we got to see it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it.

Then we headed off to Sioux Falls, SD. We stayed one night there. It was a pretty boring stay. We did some laundry and stayed in an unfortunately terrible part of town. Like we didn't feel like our car was safe. All ended up well, but we were glad to leave in the morning. Off to Madison, WI.