Our Adventure Part II: Salt Lake City

After our night in Reno we left for Salt Lake City. We stayed with the parents of a friend of Jacob's. That was a long day. It is a bleak drive too. 

We got to their house after the drive and they were seriously the best hosts ever. They had burgers ready for us and juice boxes just for the kids. I am pretty sure Mia would move in with them if given the chance. 

The next day they both had to work, so we headed out to explore the area. We went and tried Kneader's french toast, which was pretty meh in my opinion. 

Then we headed to the Salt Lake City public library. Do other people visit the local library when on vacation? I love to see libraries. This one did not disappoint. It was very modern, but I still liked it. There is a glass elevator that takes you to the roof where there is a garden. You can see views of the mountains and a birds eye view of the city.
Their children's section was pretty cool too.

 They had cool little rooms off of the main children's library room with things for kids to climb. This one was called "Tree House" I believe. They also had one called "ice cave".

 After the library we headed to City Creek. Which is a gorgeous mall in Salt Lake City. It literally has a creek with trout swimming in it. Jacob was super impressed. He spent quite a bit of time at Art of Shaving. We ate some lunch at the food court, where I made the mistake of getting each child a meal. They definitely just needed one to share. Lesson learned. Then we went to the splash pad that is also in the mall.

After the mall we walked across the street to Temple Square. What a beautiful place. We walked the grounds and walked through no less than 6 wedding parties. None of them seemed to be phased in the least. I know it is a popular temple, but I was surprised by the number on a Thursday. I only took one picture as we were driving away. The top of the temple is behind the church.
After the temple we headed back to the house. We stopped at Swig. Amazing sugar cookies! I had heard people rave about them so I had to try one for myself. 

We had the best time in Utah. Our hosts really made the trip. 

Sweet sleeping babies. 

The next day we drove to a KOA right outside of Yellowstone for one night so we could get into the park early the next morning. No pictures from there and not much to share, but I will post about our time in Yellowstone next.