Easter 2015

Look at me posting my Easter pictures. Oh, is it the end of May? When was Easter? Beginning of April. Oh well. 
I gave up my clothes and buying anything for Lent this year, so Easter was definitely a celebration for me. To be honest I didn't miss my clothes, but I did have many an occasion where I wanted to buy something and couldn't. I thought I was going to save a bunch of money by not buying things, but both kids were sick and so were Jacob and I. We all went to the doctor and we all had at least antibiotics, so all that money went to copays and medication. Boo.

Anyway, no one wants to hear about that. I know. Try to stop me.

For Holy Thursday we ate the last supper and dyed Easter eggs. I forgot to buy the box dye kit at the store, so we ended up just making it with food coloring and the colors were a million times better. Now I know. That is probably old news to most of the world, but I have always bought the kit. I have to give my mom the credit for the colors, because she is the one that actually mixed them up.
As you can see Jacob was packing for a backpacking trip at the other end of the table.

Mia did an Easter Egg Hunt with her preschool.

Don't mind my lumpy layers of shirts, just look at my cute boy.

Crazy hair.

Then on Sunday we had Eggs Benedict at my house. We did an egg hunt and then went to church. They had a great egg hunt and awesome stuff for the kids. If I had know that the church egg hunt >my egg hunt I probably wouldn't have done anything.
This year for Mia I stuffed her eggs with coupons for later bedtime, date with mom or dad, 1 television show, etc. and she loved it! The best part was when she opened the first egg there was change in it and she said "Money and paper!" so excited. She didn't even know that the paper said anything. She has been using her coupons well. She has already used 1 t.v. show, park trip, and dinner of her choice.
Mia was also thrilled when her beans got changed over to Jelly Bellys.

We did dinner with my grandma to end the day. All in all it was lovely. I love holidays with little kids. There is something so magical about watching them experience it for the first time.