March Happenings

Here is a quick look at what went on in March for our family.

Jack turned 1! Yes, ONE! I cannot believe how quickly this year went by. He is still my sweet boy. He is still enormous. This kid is going to outweigh his sister in no time, although I was certain he was going to outweigh her by his first birthday. He is not very far behind.

We celebrated St. Patricks Day, it's like we're Irish or something. I love holidays. Any excuse to party or whatever. We did check out many books about Saint Patrick, so Mia actually knows the story. I put food coloring in the toilet water and made green scrambled eggs. We ended the day with a smoked corned beef, roasted potatoes, Irish soda bread, and barbecued cabbage. It was different than the traditional meal in some ways, but oh so delicious. We ended it with some Irish shortbread toffee bars and "Darby O'Gill and The Little People".

Oh, that looks appetizing.

Blurry, but so cute. (Cat photobomb)

Watching these two play together is the light of my life. This is my PSA for giving your children siblings.

We had an awesome day at the beach, because California in March.

How we actually spend most days, despite living so close to the beach.

Did you make it to the bottom? I know that was a lot of pictures. Maybe I will manage to post about Easter, don't hold your breath.


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  2. Jack looks so much like you in the 1 year old picture with that smile. Such a handsome schmansome.
    I love watching them play together. It really is the sweetest.


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