I have been ridiculously exhausted lately. Jack has been waking up more, which is unfortunate because he was sleeping through the night. He only wakes up like twice, but still. Mia has been sick the last few days so she has been waking up a bit too. So, two not sleeping kids equals one really not sleeping me. I have been so tired lately that I feel like I am not doing anything well. My dinners have been mediocre at best, I am a little quicker to anger/frustration, my cleaning is lackluster, and my exercise gets to be less and less. Here is a little example of how my exhaustion has effected me:

On Tuesday morning I needed to run some errands. Mia had been sick the day before so we didn't really leave the house. I needed to drop some stuff off at Goodwill, take some mail to the Post Office, and go pick up a picture frame that I paid for but didn't make it home with me from the store. I get the three of us fed, I clean up the dishes, and get Jack and I dressed. Mia dresses herself. As I gather my items for our outing and start heading out the door Mia informs me "I need a purse!" I say okay and that I will go out and get Jack in the car and feed the chickens. She comes out with a backpack(full of God knows what). She gets herself buckled and we are off. I actually make it through all of my errands in less than an hour (Yay me!). As I pull up to my house I see that my screen door is open, which seems odd. Then upon further inspection the back door is wide open as well. At first this scares me, then I realize "I never went back to the house to lock the door or close it when Mia came out."


Hoping for more rest someday. I have a lot to get done tomorrow, maybe I will have another story. I hope not. C'est la fricken vie.