7 Quick Takes

Doing my favorite kind of blog post today: A link-up. Today I am linking up with Jennifer for 7 Quick Takes.

1. We have been having some beautiful weather lately. So, the other night we packed up our dinner and did a little bbq at the park. It was such a lovely evening, except for some super loud hipsters that had the same idea. There was another little family doing the same thing we did. It was nice to let Mia play and eat a little barbecue in the great, manicured outdoors.

2. Growing up no one took pictures of my mom. She was always the photographer so there aren't very many pictures of her. I think this plagues most mothers. Because of this Jacob tries really hard to take pictures of me. He doesn't do a perfect job, but there are pictures of me. I hate almost every picture of myself, so I almost always complain when I see them. I am a joy to be married to.
Jack be like, "Why must I participate in your charade?"

3. Three! Every time Mia sees something she likes in a store (it could be Winco, in fact it usually is Winco) she asks if I can buy it for her birthday. So far items have been: one of the balls they sell in the big bins at the grocery store, a box of Kermit the Frog bandaids, and a store cake. I will get her the ball and the bandaids, but I am making the cake. She had a store bought cake at someones birthday a while back and made a face, then refused to eat it. She has developed high cake standards like her mother.

4. Mia got hurt at the beach the other day. She slipped on a rock and it was the end of the world. But, true to form  a couple (necessary) bandaids made everything better.

5. Did I already tell you that the preschool I wanted to send Mia to is actually going to be open next year? Either way, they are! So, she is all signed up for September. Crazy that I just signed my baby girl up for preschool.

6.No shoes, no shirt, no service? Mia is all about the loopholes. 

7. Mia was sick this week. It involved vomit. Toddler vom is THE saddest thing in the world. However, it only lasted a couple hours in the morning. She turned to me a little after noon and said, "I'm feelin' more better now." Then started running around the house like the last 6 hours hadn't happened.


  1. Ah! I love these quick takes. And I especially loved the picture of you! Yes, we as mothers usually stay behind the camera, but I know your family will always treasure the ones that have you in them too!

    1. Thank you. I agree, I love the pictures that my mom is actually in.


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