7 Quick Takes

Happy May! Linking up with Jennifer again for 7 Quick Takes.

1.  Mia is a pretty wild little girl, but sometimes she just slows down and I love to watch her. She is extremely stubborn. However, she is also one of the sweetest, most thoughtful 2 year olds I have ever met. I love to see her slow down and watch the world around her.

2. This is probably going to be my new favorite link-up. I already have a picture from this week to add to it. I also may be a little bit obsessed with Blythe.

3. Wednesday was the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls. I remember going to see that movie in theaters my senior year of high school. I loved it. I still think it is so funny. I had planned on watching it on Wednesday, but never found the time. Mia and I did wear pink though. It was Wednesday after all.

4. Yesterday Jack turned 2 months old. Which meant he had to get his first shots. He screamed when they did the shots, but literally stopped crying like 2 seconds later. Lit-uh-ruh-lee. He was such a little champ. I have a really high pain threshold and it makes me happy that my children seem to have inherited that from me. Jack proceeded to take a nap for pretty much the rest of the day.

5. Preschool. Mia is going to be 3 in June and I am trying to decide on a preschool for her. There were two preschools that I had originally thought I would decide between, but they are closed/closing. Both of them! Now I am trying to research and find one that I like. It is such a stressful thing. I am hoping I find something I like as much as I liked the other two.

6. As I mentioned Mia is turning 3 in June. She has become enamored with idea of her birthday. She talks about it constantly. We were shopping at a local children's boutique and they have a little play area for kids. Mia was playing with the owners granddaughter and when it was time to leave she said, "I will see you at my birthday!"  She wants her birthday party to look like Angelina's. I thought that meant she wanted a lot of balloons, but when I said "Oh, you want balloons?" she responded by pointing to the lanterns in the book and saying,"Yes, and these too." The girl knows what she wants.

7. I am getting the redecorating itch. We have lived in our house for a while now and I am starting to want to switch some things out. We will see what happens. I think we are actually going to remodel our bathroom. I am really excited about that because when we bought the house I thought we would do that right away, but 5 years later and the pink tile is still there. Now I just need to narrow down my options and make a decision, which I am terrible at.