Bloggity Blog

I have never been great at blogging, but a new baby really makes me even worse. It is really too bad because I love to get my thoughts typed out and I love to hear from people, but I am just lame in that department. I thought I would give you a little update on what we have been up to.

Jack is 7 weeks old already! I can't believe how fast the time goes. I thought it went fast with Mia, but my goodness this seems twice as fast. He is the sweetest baby. I knew Mia was a hard baby, but I had no idea how easy it could be. This guy loves me and is just content to be with me. It is an amazing feeling. Mia needed constant movement and did not want to be uncomfortable. At all. Ever.  This little guy is pretty content most of the time. He is HUGE! I am constantly in shock at how large he is.

Here are a few picture from the last 7 weeks.

She loves her brother. He loves her, but I would say she loves him more.

I could not get over how sweet it was that she was holding his hand in the car.

Blurry, but she is pretty sure his swing is for her.

How we spend most days: Snuggling on the couch.

Park day.

I love to watch babies sleep. Creepy? I don't care. I love their little content faces.

This is what happens when I watch babies sleep. She was just enjoying my blush.

Babies first trip to the beach. You've gotta love California in March.

Mia dresses herself now. This is both super convenient and hilarious.

Jack never knew he was at the beach. He slept the entire time.

That is a little bit of what we have been doing lately. I am loving life with two kids. Mia has been a bit of a challenge lately, but I feel like a real mom now. It is funny that it took having a second child to feel this way, but I just feel legit now. I can't explain it.