7 Quick Takes

I am linking up with Jennifer at Conversion Diaries today for my 7 Quick Takes. No rhyme or reason to my takes this week.

1. Easter! We had a pretty low key Easter. It was lovely. We had Eggs Benedict for breakfast and went to my moms for a delicious feast. Mia dyed eggs on Holy Thursday and did an egg hunt on Sunday. I love holidays as she gets older and more interested.

2. Two kids. I am loving watching Jack get to know Mia. He is so excited to see her despite the fact that she is a little too handsy and rough. She probably gets the biggest smiles from him.

The afterbath

3. I am really trying to blog more. I felt for a longtime like I needed to have a recipe or a tutorial to post, but I am trying to focus a little more on my day to day life. So, it may be boring, but it is my life.

4. I am trying to get back into working out more regularly. Since having Jack I have been pretty sporadic. I have been lucky to get 3 workouts a week. I NEED exercise everyday, so I am really trying to make the time.

5. My sister came home for Easter weekend. I love getting to see her. She lives in San Francisco now so we get to see her a lot more than we did when she was in MI. I made her watch You, Me, and Dupree which she hated. Ha! I don't love it, but some of the scenes crack me up.

6. Friday Night Lights. Have you watched it? I loved it when it was on and I finally convinced my husband to watch it. He is totally obsessed. It makes me so happy to see him enjoy it as much as I do.

7. When Mia was a baby everyone called her a boy. We got a lot of "he's so handsome" and now people are constantly calling Jack a "she". I just don't think you can win. Yesterday at Costco someone called Mia a "him" in her purple pants with a purple heart sweatshirt… Gender confusion.


  1. Yes, the gender confusion is rampant, isn't it? People still call Lu a boy (even when she's wearing pink pants!) Loved these quick takes. Thank you for sharing them!

    1. Isn't it frustrating. Lucy is so pretty, I am surprised anyone would think she was a boy. However, I thought the same thing about Mia.


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