The Sabbath Day

 My mom has been trying to observe the Sabbath day on Sundays. Have you ever tried to do it? It is really hard. You think, "Oh, a day off sounds great!"  In reality it ends up you have a million things you want to get done and just seems like the perfect time to get those things done. I am terrible at it. I can usually start off well, but as the day goes on and I look around the house at unfinished projects I end up doing something not so "restful".  This Sunday was no different. I didn't even go to church and then my nesting kicked in.

We have pretty much everything we need for a baby, thanks to my hoarding skills and the fact that Mia is only two and a half. Also, a perk to not finding out what you are having is that you get a ton of gender neutral stuff. So, I washed all our newborn clothes and put them away in the dresser. I sewed a new changing pad cover. Folded and organized all the diapers, blankets, and burp cloths. Now we have everything ready for baby.

I am 36 weeks pregnant this week! Yay! (too many exclamation points?) This is when pregnancy slows down for me. I feel like it just flies and then all of a sudden I am  a month from D-day and it seems so close, yet so far. I am uncomfortable and I am pretty sure my booty can't get any bigger(yet it does). I also have my Group B Strep test to look forward to this week (so awkward).  I have scheduled most of my pre-baby pampering i.e. haircut, pedicure, etc. I am looking forward to meeting this little person so much. While I am not a huge fan of being pregnant, birth doesn't scare me and I love new babies. I know that 2 months from now I will look back at this and think to myself, "That went so quickly." but for now I will count every second of every minute of every hour of every day.
35 week belly shot


  1. You are gorgeous. And I agree, it is so hard to observe the sabbath...especially now with Lucy...but it does the soul good, doesn't it?

    1. Thank you! It does the soul good. It is just so hard to commit to.

  2. Sounds like one of my Sabbath days. Keep on trying. We can do this. Cute top.


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