Too Big

We went to the pumpkin patch last week. Mia had a lot of fun. She is loving hay rides these days. She also declared that, "pumpkins too big!"  Apparently unlike most children that try to lift the biggest pumpkin and want to take it home, Mia is aware of her capabilities and wanted a very small pumpkin. So my husband and I each picked one out and then she chose one of the small ones out of the bins at the front. We had such nice time despite the wind.
Exactly 20 weeks pregnant in this picture. My little blur running through.

Stopping for a second.

She insisted on pulling the pumpkins.

Actually smiling for a picture. 

These were the pumpkins she was most comfortable with.
I may have swallowed a seed.

Pregnancy update: Today I am exactly 21 weeks. We had a doctors appointment this morning and everything looks good. The heartbeat sounds good and we could feel the little one moving around.


  1. Could she be anymore beautiful? Love her little orange cloak. I'm so glad that you shared these pics...and that your doctors appt went well!

    1. Thank you and thank you for reading.

  2. Great photos! It looks like it was a fun day.


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