Silly Chickens (or Silly Me)

When we got our chickens we were told that we should start getting eggs in July. July came and we looked in the coop everyday and searched the yard. I looked behind bushes and other protected areas. Everyday nothing. Then one day my husband came inside and told me I had to come outside immediately. I was like "An egg?!?!" He said "Just come outside." He lead me back to our cement slab where we park sometimes. A long the side there is a little strip of grass/flowers. It is totally unmaintained because it is out of the way and it really is nothing. Then I saw this:
We have now transitioned them to laying in the coop, but I can't believe this was happening the entire time. There were 14 eggs! I never even thought to check that part of the yard. We are now successfully collecting eggs almost everyday. Mia is especially excited by it.


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