Beach Day

We decided to take advantage of living on the beautiful North Coast the other day by enjoying a foggy August day at the beach. Just because you live in California doesn't mean you have beautiful weather all the time. Not even in the middle of August.  This day was no exception. So, we bundled up and headed out to explore. Mia doesn't believe in cold weather. She thinks that any weather or temperature calls for a little water play.

 While they were feeling adventurous and checking out the caves. I stayed up on the rock they had to climb over. I wasn't very interested in tripping and falling off. I did climb up though. So I am not a total baby.
 Then we took a terrible family photo where I look nuts. Despite there being no sun it was bright and my eyes do crazy things when I can't see. Note to self: wear sunglasses, even on a grey day. Mia is obviously not amused.
 Then we went to have lunch. Mia was excited they brought her a glass of water of her very own that she could scoop the ice out of. Sucking on ice is one of her favorite things to do at a restaurant. She is a cheap date.

It was a nice little day with my family. Outside the restaurant we saw a ton of starfish, like 100. And we even saw 3 sea otters splashing around which thrilled Mia. She talked about them for the rest of the evening. It was a good reminder that even on a blah day there are still things we can get out and do together.


  1. I love the family shot and wish there were some of the starfish.


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