Michigan Part II

And now another picture heavy post. We did so many fun things while we were in Michigan. We went on a lovely walk in "The Arb". We were there a week after it stopped snowing so there wasn't a lot in bloom, but you could tell that it must be truly spectacular in the summer and fall.                                                                  

 We went to Culver's for frozen custard. Mia liked it a little. We did not partake in the butter burger. I don't think my family history of heart disease would work well with that.
 Mia and I spent a lot of time swinging on my sister's front porch.
 My sister had two graduation ceremonies. One on Thursday for The School of Public Health and the big all school graduation at The Big House. May I just say the Big House is remarkable. Also, at the big graduation the CEO and founder of Twitter was the keynote speaker he was hilarious and very inspirational you can watch the video here. #goblue

 My dear friend Katie lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She just moved there in December and was kind enough to drive to Ann Arbor for a few hours to hang out with us. We had such a nice visit. We walked around Ann Arbor and we went to Zingerman's. That is one spectacular store. If you have never been there or never heard of it, it is a store where you can try everything. They have specialty cheeses and meats, fresh bread, and a number of other things. You just ask one of the workers and you can taste anything you want. The highlight of our trip was trying the assortment of balsamic vinegars they had. There is so much to know about real balsamic vinegar (which the stuff we buy at the store is not real). We got to try a $600 bottle of balsamic vinegar that is over 100 years old. Let me just say it was amazing and if I am ever a millionaire I will buy myself a bottle. It is truly an Ann Arbor must see.

Mia loved the coloring table at my sisters house.
I spent a lot of time laying in bed with Mia while she napped. This was my view most days from 2:30-4:30. I didn't want to leave her alone in a room she didn't know. I was also worried she would wake up and go crazy tearing the room up if left alone.
I really loved Michigan and I recommend a visit. I would even move there if I could get my husband on board.


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