I feel like I have so much to write that I can't get my thoughts (the pope, lent, Valentine's Day, Mia, play dates...) organized. I will start with Valentine's Day.

On Valentine's Day we got up and I made buttermilk pancakes and bacon ( I used the The Joy of Cooking recipe in case you were wondering). My father in law came over and we opened Valentine's while we ate breakfast. My husband got me a card, roses, and two new pairs of pants. We got Mia a watch, chap-stick (the tasty Smackers kind), and a hair brush. She LOVED it. 

I have to say I have always greatly disliked Valentine's Day. When you are single it kind of sucks to not have anyone. Then when you are in a relationship you kind of build it up to be this romantic amazing day, that almost always falls short(at least for me). Valentine's Day goes in the same category as New Year's Eve for letdown. One year when my husband and I were dating (our first Valentine's Day) my husband surprised me with a picnic on the beach. Romantic right? Well, it was windy and sand ended up in my soup, my husband said something that I misinterpreted and I ended up sobbing on the beach. It was lovely. I decided that I don't want Mia to dread V-day like I do. So, I tried to make it really special for her. Her dad wrote her a sweet valentine and I made her a card too (on Treat not by hand).

My goal is to make Valentine's Day more of a family holiday for her. I don't want her to put the same sort of anticipation into Valentine's Day that I did. An added bonus is that this was my favorite Valentine's Day. We spent the day doing family activities and then my mom and brother came over for a dinner of filet mignon, baked potatoes, and kale. We finished the evening with homemade orange Creamsicles and chocolate cupcakes.

It was a truly delightful day.

Then on Friday night we dropped Mia off with my mom and we headed to a local bed and breakfast and got ready for dinner.
Oh red eye and flash! Awesome. Unfortunately it was the best picture we got of ourselves.

We had an excellent dinner and got to spend the night in a hotel. It was so nice to be out of the house. I didn't feel like I needed to do anything. We just hung out and talked. We were able to watch t.v. without interruptions. It was lovely. In the morning we had breakfast in the dining room. This evening made me realize that we really need to have more date nights. I know that we get out more than a lot of people, but it is important to make date night a priority.

Oh, I gave up coffee and alcohol for Lent. Not the hardest lent I have done(try no sugar while I was pregnant), but it was kind of tricky when we were out to dinner and breakfast.


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