A Day In The Life

I don't know about you, but I love Day in the Life posts. I love to see how people spend their days. It doesn't matter to me if the person never leaves their house I find every mundane detail interesting.

I decided to do one for my day. No two days are that same around here. For example: I didn't have to do bath time for Mia on this day, I don't always spend prolonged hours out of my house, and I don't always wake up so early. Also, there are days I am in my jammies until 10 or later...

 You may find my day boring, but I am sure there is at least one person who is weird like me and just likes to see how people spend their days. This was February 12.

5:15- My husband gets up to take a shower. I barely notice.
5:50- My husband comes out of the bathroom, which wakes up Mia (who wandered into my room to sleep at about 12:30), which in turn wakes me up. I snuggle with Mia until she falls back to sleep.
5:55- My husband kisses us goodbye and goes to work.
6:15- Mia is asleep. I get up and check Facebook, Blogger, and some e-mails.
6:45- I get up, do my hair, and get dressed.
7:15- I start a pot of coffee for my husband (he sometimes stops by when he is on duty to grab a lunch and breakfast).
7:20- I check around the house for clutter and return things to their homes. Open all the curtains, and say what?! There is sun rising in the east! Maybe we will get a nice day.
7:24-Mia makes a loud noise that I assume is her waking up, but it was a false alarm.
7:30 I check my menu to see what we are having for breakfast and lunch to see if I need to do any prep.
7:35- I check the internet again (Don't judge my internet usage) and then read a little.  I take a little break and send a text to my husband and one to my friend Beth.
7:47- More noise from Mia, but she still appears to be asleep.
7:50- She is up. We lay in bed snuggling and talking.
8:00- I preheat the oven for Mochi and I change Mia's diaper and she decides she wants to be naked. I take the sheets off my bed and Mia's.
8:08- Skype call from my sister
8:15- Eat breakfast and Skype with my sister. Husband comes home to grab his lunch and coffee.
8:50- Get Mia ready. A lot of struggling and running ensues.
9:00- Clean up breakfast dishes and getting the diaper bag ready. Start a load of laundry.
9:15- Leave for Beth's house.
9:30- Arrive at Beth's. We play there for a while, then go to the park, then eat lunch at the zoo cafe and wander the zoo.

1:30- Get home. Find a package from my Uncle and his wife for Mia. It was an adorable pair of pants and a shirt from H&M.
1:45- We get all the diaper bag stuff unpacked and organized. Switch over laundry.
1:50- Mia eats a banana while I start a new load of laundry.
1:55- I peel and slice some mango to freeze for smoothies. Mia tries mango for the first time. She does not like it. I ask "Do you like mango?" her response: "Noooooooooo."
2:05- I decide to make some Lara Bars before Mia goes down for a nap. She loves helping me, especially licking the peanut butter off the measuring cup. I take said measuring cup away once it is empty and she has a total meltdown.
2:30- Nap time. Oops, I forgot to remake her bed after I took the sheets off in the morning. Oh well, she will have to sleep on the pad and just use a blanket with no sheet (there are children sleeping on the ground in Africa, I think she will survive a nap). She cries for like 3 minutes and then falls asleep.
2:35- Clean up dishes from Lara Bars and run the dishwasher.
2:45- I put clean sheets on my bed so I don't have to when I am tired and ready to climb in.
3:00- I eat a few bites of leftovers and check some e-mails. Do a little clutter reduction and fold some laundry.
3:30- Switched some laundry over to the dryer and kept on folding.
4:25- Quick phone call with my Mom. Husband gets home.
5:20-My brother stops by with dinner from my Mom. My Dad shows up and drops off some Valentines Day goodies.
5:25-Mia wakes up. We sit and talk/eat with my dad. We try our Lara Bars(they are fantastic).
5:45-I get into workout clothes.
5:55- I read Mia a couple stories.
6:00- Leave to pick up my Mom and go to Zumba. Dance like a crazy person trying to keep up with my amazing teacher.
7:45- Get home, read some stories, and talk to Mia about what she did while I was gone.
8:30- Bedtime for Mia. My husband put sheets on Mia's bed while I was gone (bless his heart), and also gave her a bath and got her all ready for bed. All I have to do is lay down with her and get her to sleep. It was really easy(which isn't the way it usually is).
8:50- I pick out my outfit for tomorrow and check my meal menu to see if there is anything I need to take out of the freezer.
9:00- Shower, brush my teeth, and get into pj's.
9:15- Watch an episode of "The West Wing"
10:15- Climb into bed. Do a little Facebooking and Pinteresting.
10:30- Sleep.

Do you enjoy these "A Day In The Life Posts"? Or do you find the boring? When I read my own day it sounds boring, but I love to see what other people do.