Happy 12-12-12

I considered posting this at 12:12 today, but I wasn't up that early and I don't trust myself to remember to do it later.
Anyways, yesterday Mia and I went to the beach with my Mom, her dogs, and my brother. It was a pretty cold day, so we bundled up. Mia loves the beach, it was fun to let her play. She always wants to get in the water, so yesterday I actually let her put her feet in(with shoes on). She was excited and then done with it. Her pants got wet and she was not pleased. This was kind of my goal. I remember doing things like that when I was a little kid. You only do it a couple times (or once if you are me) before you realize, I don't really like getting in the water with my shoes and clothes on, maybe I will just play in the sand. So, my hope is that she learned her lesson, but I have a feeling that the next time we get to the beach she will be running for the water.


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