Advent Calendar

Last year at MOP's we made an advent calendar. We put numbers on little brown bags and pinned them to twine with clothes pins. The only problem was the bags were empty. That part was up to us. I didn't do anything last year. I just hung it up empty. This year I actually put some time and thought into it. I made a list of 24 activities we could do and I made little cards and filled each bag. I thought I would share our activities with you. Obviously some of them (like family archery practice...) are specific to our family, but hopefully it can give you a little inspiration.

1.Watch Elf
2.Bake Cookies
3.Popcorn Night
4.Sing Christmas Carols
5.Make Ornaments
6.Dance Night
7.Watch Polar Express
8.Make Hot Cocoa
9.Make/hang Christmas Wreath
10.Watch Christmas Parade
11. Go Get Ice Cream
12.Family Archery Practice
13.Wrap Christmas Presents
14.Watch The Preacher's Wife
15.Game Night
16.Drive-Thru Nativity
17.Make Salted Caramles
18.Bake Cookies
19.Take Cookies to Friends/Family
20.Read How the Grinch Stole Christmas
21.Watch Christmas Vacation
22.Go Look at Christmas Lights
23.Read The Night Before Christmas
24.Make Gingerbread Houses

Yes, we make cookies twice, but who wouldn't want cookies everyday?


  1. This is a great idea and i love your list ideas:) wish i had seen this year though!


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