Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

We were lucky to have a very low key Thanksgiving this year. We did it at our house and it worked out that there were only 6 people (everyone was out of town). My mom was kind enough to take Mia overnight the night before so we could get ready. We deep cleaned the house the night before (read: I deep cleaned the house). In the morning we just got things together. It felt so easy without Mia running around.
 I used my  pumpkin puree to make the Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking pumpkin pie recipe. I still didn't like pumpkin pie, but I got some good reviews. My mom brought rolls, yams, and a cheesecake. All in all it was a fabulous day.
Photo Courtesy of Sarah Cory Photography
I made a burlap table runner and used my dad's great-grandmother's lace table cloth. For my china I used my mom's grandmother's Haviland. I was so excited to use the china because my mom's mom and aunt were coming over and they were pleased to see it out on the table.
Now I am ready to do some Christmas decorating. I have already been doing most of my Christmas sewing projects and have most of my shopping done. Just need my Christmas cards to get here and we will be well on our way.
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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