I try to make time for reading everyday. It is definitely difficult some days with a toddler running around, but I really make an effort. When Mia was a newborn I had a lot of time to read. I would read a book in about 24 hours because I wasn't doing anything else. Now that she sleeps less, I have to fit it in during naps and in bed at night. Sometimes I do just sit and read while she plays, but she usually wants me to play with her, so that doesn't last long. I thought I would share with you what I have read most recently(within the last month). I am not a bandwagon jumper though, so none of these books are going to be anything like The Hunger Games, Twilight, or Fifty Shades of Grey(which I tried to read and hated. Is it just me or are those books disturbing?) However, I did love all of Chelsea Handlers books(except Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang), Tina Fey's Bossypants, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling. So, obviously I don't only read high brow literature.  Don't worry I am not going to start blogging about the books I read regularly. I don't think that my taste is refined enough to share with the world.

1.The Sweetness at The Bottom of the Pie. About an 11 year old who finds a dead body in her garden. Although it sounds like a scary book I felt like it was written for a young crowd, so it wasn't too dark.This book was too slow for me. I had trouble getting into it, but I have read reviews from people who really loved it. It just wasn't for me.

2.The Happiness Project. This was an interesting read. It is about a woman who spends a year trying to live a happier life. I enjoyed it because I could really relate to her. She talks about daily struggles that I think we all deal with especially when you are married with kids.

3.The Five Love Languages. I loved this book. It isn't the best written book I have ever read, but it was a great message. I think that everyone should have to read this before they get married. I learned so much. It is a quick read at only 200 pages. You should go check it out from your local library right now, or better yet buy yourself a copy so you can reference it for years to come.

4.Bringing up Bebe. This is a book about an American woman who moves to France and raises her kids in Paris. I found the author a little too into what the French do, but I did think it was very interesting to see the cultural differences between France and America. For example the recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 10lbs less than it is in America. Also, even if you are a stay at home mom your kids usually go to daycare at least a few hours a week. I learned some things that I think that I will implement in my parenting, but I don't think that the French do everything perfectly.

I linked all these books to Amazon, but I checked them all out from my local library. I recommend using the library, it's free. Free things make my frugal heart happy. What books are you loving right now? I am always looking for something new to read.


  1. I've been reading a number of books; some of them are filled with short stories; some of them are about writing; some of them are just fiction.
    I love the library. I've been checking out a lot of movies lately.

  2. Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte :) Journaling my way through it.

  3. I always remember I had to get a book from you for reading in High School. (Thanks) I'm really into reading now too! If I have time but I'm with you I have never read The Hunger Games. I did read the first (Twilight) it was ok. I did read Fifty Shades of Grey just was not my thing. Didn't read the other two! I will check out some of your books!


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