"Don't" Slam It

My daughter is always slamming my french doors around. It is loud and super nerve racking. I am sure the glass is going to shatter at any second. While I do try to say no and stop the behavior, sometimes you have to leave the room. You know to use the bathroom, eat a secret brownie, or just to grab something from another room. So, I decided to make it a little less dangerous. It makes it safer and it puts me at ease. My day is better the less times I have to say "NO!"
 I bought a cheap pool noodle and cut it into pieces and then made a cut on one side to slide over my doors. This can also stop little fingers from being slammed in doors. I know I needed this in my house, hopefully someone else can use it.(I have also heard it is good for taking the "umph" out of a teenager slamming their door)


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