So, I have been thinking about how I call Lady "Lady" on this blog. That is obviously not her name. I want to keep her name off of here as well as any future children's names for privacy. If at some point in their lives they want me to give their real name I will. For now I will keep to a nickname. The problem with calling her Lady is that when I have more children if they are girls I don't know what I will call them on here. Princess? Sweetums? Peanut? I don't know. So, I have decided to give her a blog name. I really liked the name Mia when I was pregnant, but it sounds terrible with my last name. This is a perfect place to use that name since I won't be able to. From now on I will be calling her Mia on the blog. Coincidentally the word mia in Italian means "my or mine." I think this is a perfect name for her personality. I apologize for any confusion the name change may cause.
Without further ado I introduce to you: Lady Mia.


  1. She looks like she is doing the Feliz Navidad dance from 200 Cigarettes.


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