Mia and I went to our local harvest festival with my mom recently. We had a great time. There were hay rides and foods to try. We had a crazy hay ride with an out of control driver. They put little stairs up to the hay ride for people to get on. At one stop everyone got on and the guy started driving away with stairs still attached - through a crowd of people! Luckily no one was hurt. Then he took a wrong turn and tried to back up a tractor towing a trailer full of people. Let's just say that didn't work. Then a truck started coming up behind us as he is trying to back  up! We were at the very back, so that was more than a little scary. Finally he made a u-turn (almost into someones yard). Needless to say we got off at the next stop. All in all it was a fun day with my mom and Mia.
First ever hay ride.

I think we should go this way.

Where did my hand go?

Checking out the harvest with grandma.

Her favorite person in the world.


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