Ice Ice Baby


  When you have a toddler you need ice packs with some frequency. What with tumbles, falls, spills, and running into anything and everything. We didn't have much in the way of convenient ice packs. We would put ice in a bag or use frozen peas (that is just about all we use peas for, yuck!). I remembered a few years ago I had a friend go to physical therapy and start making her own. I decided it was high time that I started doing it too. All you need is plastic bags, water and  rubbing alcohol. I made three, because I am obsessive compulsive and I like thing's in threes. Don't judge me (actually feel free to judge me, I would).

Step 1: Get as many plastic bags as you deem necessary. I used quart's, but you can use sandwich bags or gallons depending on your purposes.

Step 2: Measure out as much water as you want to use. The ratio of water to alcohol should be 2:1. I kept it simple and used 2 cups of water.
 Then add that to the bag.

Step 3: Then measure out your alcohol. I used...wait for it... 1 cup of alcohol!
 Add that to your bag.

Repeat as necessary until you are done. This is what my bags looked like.
When you are done put them in the freezer and use them as needed. Hopefully not too often.


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