I thought that I would share with you a few of our favorite (read: Lady's favorite) bedtime stories. These are what have been in the rotation the last few weeks.

1. Goodnight Moon A classic. Who wouldn't enjoy this book?

2.Counting Kisses Super cute little book we checked out from the library. Lady likes it because I do all the kisses. I am kind of new to Karen Katz but I like her style.

3.Mama Do You Love Me? This is Lady's favorite by far. She always wants me to read this one to her. It has a lot of Alaskan terminology which is fun. My sister got it for her while she was in Alaska. It is such a sweet book.

4.Animals Sing Aloha Lady finds this book and brings it to me going "Ah-ah-ah-ah". The whole book teaches you how to trace the letters of the alphabet with your fingers and what sound each letter makes. It is not the most fun to read, but it is educational and Lady loves it. My sister-in-law lives in Hawaii and sent this one to Lady.

5.Mommy Hugs Another Karen Katz we checked out from the library. Also very sweet. A perfect bedtime story.

I linked these all up to Amazon so you can order them if you want them. I recommend checking to see if your local library has any of them so you can see if you and your little one like them too. Hope you all have a great weekend. It is going to be a busy one for us.


  1. I love that most of these are "new" books. I love the classics but it's great to see more great stories coming up.


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