Get ready!

I have heard, read, and seen lot of people say that it is important to get ready first thing in the morning. I couldn't agree more. It isn't always the easiest thing with a little one, but it makes me feel so much better once I am ready. Even if I am just going to do work around the house I try to put some clothes on, do my hair(a ponytail counts), put on a touch of makeup and get going. That way when that random person stops by you aren't so embarrassed that you hide in the guest room on the floor(not that I have ever done that). I also think that it makes me a better person to be around. I am not uncomfortable so I am more patient and I am in a better mood. Getting ready can be tricky for a person like myself that likes to try on 20 outfits to find the perfect one. I have kind of resorted to a solid shirt and jeans or a skirt. I am also a big fan of leggings and a tunic. They are so comfy, yet you look put together. Here are some of my tips for getting ready.

-Take a shower at night. I used to be a morning shower only type of person. Now once Lady is asleep I take a nice long shower. It is a great way to end my day. Doing it at night frees up your morning. I find it nearly impossible to take a shower once Lady is awake.

  -Sock bun. I can't talk about this enough. This is a mommy's dream. After my night shower I blow dry my hair and wrap it up in a sock and in the morning my hair is done and it looks like I spent so much time on it. This video shows you how to do it. Sometimes I just set the bun a little lower on my head and I wear it for the day.

 -Makeup. My makeup routine has been greatly simplified since I had the lady. A few months ago I tried to get ready to go out and put on my old amount of makeup and ended up washing it off. It felt like too much. Now I just put on some mascara and blush/bronzer. It is simple, but it helps me feel ready to face the day.

-Lay out your clothes. If I lay out my clothes the night before it is fairly unlikely that I will try to change it in the morning. However, if I start trying outfits on in the morning my bed will be covered with failed attempts at getting dressed. Also, picking out my clothes at night takes a toddler walking through my legs out of the equation which makes finding an outfit much easier and less stressful.

-Jewelry. I can't wear necklaces these days because Lady tries to choke me(I know, what a lady). So, these days I only wear earrings.  Jewelry is the finishing touch. Even just a pair of earrings can tie an outfit together. I wear earrings every day even if I am just hanging out at home. I feel naked without them. I stick to studs like classic pearls or pretty gem stones.

Don't let having a child or children turn you into a sweatpants wearing, dirty hair, sloppy looking woman. Take pride in yourself. You are raising a child and you want them to take pride in themselves so teach by example. Also, don't be hard on yourself. Some days are meant to be a workout clothes kind of day with no workout.


  1. Sock bun, why didn't I know about you earlier? I try to keep an extra pair of earrings in my car for those terrible "naked" days.


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