I made a "sensory bin" for the Baby Lady. She loved it. The idea came from this woman. I didn't have enough rice on hand, so I used red lentils. This is not the kind of project you can just set down and let them play with. They WILL try to eat it. It was so fun to watch her run the lentils through her fingers and figure out how to handle them. She seemed to enjoy the textures. Who wouldn't like filling the blocks with "stuff" and dumping them out?

Lentils, pasta, and blocks. Cheap thrills!
Can it get any cuter than this?


  1. And then you made soup with the lentils and noodles? Just kidding. It looks like a great day with the baby.

  2. I almost posted "Then I just put it all in a pot with some water and veggies."


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