So, my little goose (Baby Lady) is pretty small for a one year old. Her weight is in the 10th percentile. Her height is in the 30th, which isn't too small but it is still smaller than average. Then there is her head... 95th percentile! I always say that "she looks perfectly proportioned to me." Which is true. Then I took some pictures of her this week and I finally saw it. I still look at her and think she looks perfect. These pictures show what my eyes aren't seeing.
So cute!

Kick, kick, kick it!


  1. Your little girl is so adorable,(also she really honestly does look proportioned correctly!) i still can't wait to meet her. I enjoy reading your blog, so i had to.take a moment to comment. I was a big headed baby too haha, some pics of mine show it more then others. I like to think i was still rather cute...and my mama agrees:) plus for the most part i grew!! Good seeing you this weekend, hopefully I'll see u again soon.

    1. Thank you. It was great seeing you too. We will have to remedy you meeting her soon.


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