I feel the need to look at how great my life is after reading this. I am thankful for all that I have and the life that I get to live. I thought I would start out this week by listing 10 things that I am thankful for.

1.My daughter. She lights up my life. I don't know what I was doing before she came along. Her smiles can brighten even the darkest day.
2.My amazing husband. He allows me to stay home with my daughter. How much better could it be? Also, he puts up with my crazy, which makes him a saint.
3.My Mom. She is my rock. She is always there to listen to the less than interesting details of my life. The best part-she acts interested! She is also a fount of wisdom and advice. You can follow her here.
4.My health. I am lucky to have had a great pregnancy, an easy labor(kind of), and breast feeding was a breeze. Plus I have been doing well since, no postpartum health issues.
5. I have a some great siblings. My brother and sister are so smart and so funny. I love them both so much.
6.My house. After reading that article it made me so thankful to own our home and to be able to pay the bills.
7.Showers. Those are hard to come by these days. When I do get to take a shower it is magical. It is so nice to feel the hot water run over my face. Never thought I would love a shower so much.
8. Health insurance. I have a knee injury right now and I am excited to be able to go to the doctor today. Most Americans don't have that privilege.
9.No knead bread. It has been rocking my world. It is nice to be able to bake something that you know is going to be great.
10.MOPs. I love having a Mommy time. It is a fantastic organization. It is so nice to get together with other moms and just talk about motherhood. We laugh, find joy, complain, cry, and comfort. It is such a great feeling to have that outlet.

I have so much more I could list. My life is fantastic. What are you thankful for?


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