Entertaining Yourself and a One Year Old

   Coming up with fun and exciting things to do each day with a one year old can be challenging. I talk to people all the time who say they are "bored". I personally don't know how you could be bored with a child. In fact I welcome boredom. It would mean that I had a second where I wasn't moving. Anyways, I don't think that it makes you a bad parent if you are bored, I just think maybe you need some inspiration. I have compiled a list of things to do.
   One thing to remember is that just because you want to do exciting new things everyday doesn't mean your toddler does. They are easily entertained. The Baby Lady got a Princess Cozy Coupe for her birthday and that is her favorite thing. If I leave the room to grab a diaper she has climbed into the car and is closing the little door behind her. She likes it when I push her around, but she is content to climb in and out over and over. Here are some other things we like to do together:

1. Unload the dishwasher. Baby Lady likes to hand me the dishes. She can only do the bottom rack and I take the silverware tray out before she starts, but she loves to help. It takes a bit longer than when I do it myself, but it entertains her and hopefully someday she will do it for me(one can hope).
2. Bubbles. I blow the bubbles and she tries to catch them.
3. Get outside. Just going in our yard is fun. Baby Lady likes to eat grass. I try to limit the amount, but I think it is good for her to explore.
4. Finger paint. Baby Lady is a little young for finger paints, but I made some the other day. She mostly tried to eat it. However, she did enjoy the texture on her fingers. It was something new for her.
5. Bowl. I will fill a bowl with random toys from around the house (wooden spoon, ball, measuring cups, etc.) She likes to take everything out. Sometimes she will put it back in, but usually it is me refilling while she empties it.
6. Sing. Anything and everything.
7. Dance. We spend a lot of time dancing. I used to hold her while I danced, but now she likes to sit on her knees and bounce to the music.
8. Swing. We live near a park, so we like to walk over and swing on the swings. More often we drive across town to a bigger/better park, but at the end of the day all she cares about are the swings.
9. Read. Even if your little one won't sit through an entire book yet I think it is good to teach the habit. I have been doing this since the Baby Lady was born and she is just beginning to sit through short books.
10. Tag. We play a very one-sided game of tag. I chase her around and she loves to crawl as quickly as she can away from me. It is so cute!
11. Catch. We just roll a ball back and forth. Honestly it is mostly me rolling and her putting it in her mouth and then handing it back to me, but sometimes (to Mommy's enjoyment) she will roll it or attempt to throw it back.
12. Airplane. I lay on my back and she lays tummy down on my shins. I float my legs around, extend them, bring them in. She loves it and it is great for my abs.
13. Where is? your nose? Mommy's nose? Learning body parts can be fun. I love to see her learn new things and see what she points to instead of what I said.
14. Library. Our library has a great baby reading program and a toddler reading program. I started taking the Baby Lady when she was three or four months old. She loves it. I think that most libraries have some sort of children's reading program.
15. Play. Let them play and just enjoy watching them. Take a minute and revel in the joy of being a parent.

 Also, take some time for yourself when you can. I think that the key to enjoying your children and not getting bored is taking a little me time. Even if it is as simple as a long shower or as special as a massage. It feels great either way.


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