Camping and getting off schedule

  We went camping last week which was a lot of fun, but has thrown me off my schedule. The house needs some serious love and I haven't posted in over a week.
  This was our first camping trip since the Baby Lady has been mobile. It was fun. She had a great time. I think that it will get harder when she can walk/run. She loved getting dirty and playing outside for a couple days.

 We will have to do this a lot more this summer.

On Sunday we got to celebrate some friend's journey into Foster Parenting(not a path I am interested in, but I am thankful for people that do it) and we got to go to a little guys first birthday party. It was fun, but I was surprised that more than one person thought to have a party on a Sunday.


  1. Love the photo of the tent.

  2. Loved seeing you and Baby Lady at our celebration, despite the surprise day of the week! Hope to see you both more often :)

    1. It was so great to see you. Isn't it funny that we had 2 parties on a Sunday. It is such an unusual day and on the same Sunday.


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